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The Experiential Healing Institute Founder, Robert Trout talks about Wilderness Therapy

robert trout the experiential healing institute Nov 18, 2022


About The Experiential Healing Institute

The Experiential Healing Institute offers Parent Training and Whole Family Support before, during and after treatment experiences through action oriented guidance, training, support and experiential growth for individuals and families. The Experiential Healing Institute brings wilderness therapy skills home and trains families for continued success. It all starts with Training!

How can families support loved ones who are struggling with mental or behavioral challenges if they have not been trained and educated about the skills and methods used by professionals? We offer this training and support for families who want to learn new approaches to handle stressful situations and to support positive change.

Our Trainers bring methods and skills used in Wilderness Therapy and treatment centers to you at "home" and train the family to intervene before treatment is needed or to prepare a family for a loved ones return from a program.

Example of Topics we can help with:

- What’s wrong with my Teen?

- Addiction to Pot and Opioids

- Working with kids Before, During and After

- What’s this Gender Thing?

- Why is My Kid Still In Bed?

- Professional Parents vs Kids Behaviors

- Suicide and Communities

- What Real “support” Looks Like


[email protected] | (970) 344-9021



Wilderness Reboot™ is a transitional support community for wilderness therapy alumni students who are looking for an additional resource while continuing in transitional programs, therapeutic boarding schools or simply just want to reconnect and have community when finishing their wilderness therapy experience.

Wilderness Reboot™ was created collaboratively by wilderness guides, students, therapists and other industry professionals. In our community we speak about the lessons learned on the trail, with the same lingo that only folks who have done wilderness could relate to. Transitioning after Wilderness Therapy can be difficult and not everyone understands your journey. That's why we want to give you that same community, from people who get it.

Because everyone deserves to have community.... Everyone.

Get access to support groups, guest speakers and alumni trips worldwide. For those needing more transitional support from Wilderness, we provide 1-1 aftercare transitional coaching services, online courses, educational resources and much more... Do you miss your journal after transitioning from wilderness?

Don't worry, we got you covered! We created a wilderness therapy journal with prompts, wilderness quotes and a 3 month planner to help you keep the momentum after transitioning back from wilderness. πŸ’ͺ

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