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How it Works?

Wilderness Therapy Programs - Wilderness Reboot™


Wilderness Therapy Alumni Community Overview

  • Community
    • The first online community platform that connects EXCLUSIVLEY wilderness therapy alumni students.
  • Course Curriculum
    • Speaking specifically towards relating wilderness to transitional recovery and everything in between.
    • Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Education concepts and frameworks.
    • Worksheets/Assignments in conjunction with video lessons to teach and implement LIFE SKILLS.
  • Dedicated Analog Journal
    • Everyday journal prompts and monthly planners that follow Reboot curriculum to combat mindless and addictive screen-use. 
  • Mobile-App Integration
    • For watching course videos on the go for convenience.
    • Access to chat support community when needed most.   
  • Interactive Community  
    • Dedicated community support, staff supervision & group culture engagement.
    • Alumni calls showcase the same linear progression of support in Wilderness Programs. Enter a newcomer and later become a leader by empowering the next wave of Wilderness Reboot members.
    • Giveaways, contests and prizes to increase engagement and create a thriving culture and tribe! 
  • Student Ambassadors
      • Thriving Wilderness alumni advocates who help in collaborating with Wilderness Reboot Staff to make a positive and Pro-Wilderness support tribe - showcasing the stories of how Wilderness Therapy changed their lives and helped create lasting change.  
  • Guest Speakers
    • Wilderness Therapy program staff, nation-wide ranging from field guides to therapists join our community to give value and support to our community members. 
  • Alumni Trips
    • Join our trips world-wide for sober-fun in an intentional and familiar community, getting back to a nature through different adventure/nature modalities and cultural immersion trips. 

Community Features

24/hr Community Text Support

Parents, peace of mind knowing their child can have the support systems they need and that they can interact with similar students going through the same challenges after transitioning from Wilderness, Residential Transition Programs or Therapeutic Boarding Schools. Our support community is supervised by moderators to ensure a therapeutically safe and fun environment.

Analog Journal/Planner 

To spend their time on a journal building healthy habits and routine in replace of mindless scrolling on their phone.  Students avoid a sense of anxiety, not knowing where to start or how to implement routines from Wilderness when they transition back home. After 12-weeks, students form newly gained habits and journal routines that sets aside a time everyday to invest in them!

Alumni Group Calls/Q&A’s/Guest Speakers

A key pillar in the wilderness model is group therapy. Community bonds and struggles within each wilderness group allow each student to identify their own strengths and weaknesses as challenges arise. A sense of comradery and shared experiences need not be severed once students exit their original program.

Transitional Course Modules 

Personal development helps students to overcome limiting self beliefs or mental barriers and challenges along with destructive habits that they are currently engaging in that cause distress in their lives.

Our curriculum equips students with proven tools and skills to succeed in any circumstance. Students learn systems and frameworks to apply to any life challenge.

Wilderness Therapy Transition Coaches

Hand selected, seasoned wilderness therapy lead guides who can relate to the experiences students have had in wilderness settings. Helping them to keep moving forward as they
transition back home. We speak the same language, the same lingo and are still the same encouraging, fun and goofy passionate guides students know and love!

Lifetime Membership

Students can make lasting connections that will last a lifetime! We foster and cultivate a community that brings our tribe together to help create alumni meet-ups. 

As students progress, their involvement may become less hands-on. However, they always have their tribe when they need them should adversity arise. 

At Wilderness Reboot™ the door is always open! 

Community Guidelines

Ensuring a standard of behavior that is expected on the platform to create a safe environment for students to interact, have fun and stay motivated.

To ensure safety, staff and content moderators have the ability to time-out, freeze and all together ban members should someone showcase poor expedition behavior.

Additionally our platform has chatbots built in to tag content administrators in addition to allowing support tickets for community members.

We have clinical considerations to our platform and ensure a safe and therapeutic support space. We heavily vet entering members and protect our tribe from alumni who aren't a good fit or aligned with our culture. 

Program Features/Benefits

  • Strict Admissions Intake Process for Quality Control
  • We bridge the gap between Wilderness and Transitional Care (Reboot Method™)
  • Hand Selected,  Wilderness Transition Coaches
  • Living and Breathing Community
  • Emphasis on Healthy Social Media and Screen-Use
  • Jam-Packed Value for Price
  • Heart-Centered Mission, Purpose-Driven Company
  • Advocates of Wilderness Therapy Programs
  • Giveaways & Prizes!

Give community support to your program!

Wilderness Reboot is a great add-on to Wilderness or Aftercare Transitional Programs.

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An Inside Look

Wilderness Reboot Course - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Therapy Transition - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Therapy Aftercare - Wilderness Reboot™

Meet The Team

Katie Kuwahara, Wilderness Transition Coach - Wilderness Reboot™
Katie Kuwahara, Wilderness Transition CoachB.A Biology, W-EMT, Student Nurse

With a background in health sciences, Katie engages clients in a multi-dimensional approach on individual health. Seeing individual wellness as an integrative piece of the greater ecosystem, Katie seeks to help young adults clarify their values, strengths, and goals in order to navigate their transition out of the woods and into their next chapter in life. Katie has several years of experience working as a wilderness therapy guide, both at Pure Life in Costa Rica and True North in Vermont, specifically working with the young adult population. Currently, Katie is pursuing a second bachelors in nursing and hopes to work as a pediatric mental health nurse. When she’s not studying, you can find her surfing the California coast or backpacking with her cattle dog, Bandit.

Beth Hillman, Parent Coach, Life Coach - Wilderness Reboot™
Beth Hillman, Mom, Certified Life Coach, Arbinger Facilitator, Parent Coach 

When her fifteen-year-old son went to wilderness, Beth began her own journey of self-improvement by becoming a certified Life Coach, Facilitator of Arbinger’s Living With an Outward Mindset seminar, and Parent Coach. Beth’s personal experience as a parent to five sons, combined with her exuberance for self-discovery and her passion for helping others creates a rare combination of empathy and expertise. In 2019, Beth became the Parent Seminar Teacher at Wingate Wilderness Therapy, the very wilderness program her son had attended. In that role, Beth was honored to both spend time with kids in the wilderness as well as coach and support parents as they were reunited with their children midway through the program.

Following this beloved stint in the wilderness, Beth was recruited to become the Parent and Family Program Director at a residential treatment center in central Utah. There she implemented and improved her original parent support coaching program, bringing her education, experience, and empathy to even more families. Beth is passionate about helping parents embody self-awareness, emotional resiliency, relationship accountability, and conscious discipline. She did it for her family while transitioning her own son home and now finds great fulfillment in working as a parent coach. Beth lives in Highland, Utah, with her husband and their youngest son.

Fri Lavey - Wilderness Reboot™
Fri Lavey, B.A Economics & Psychology, Data Scientist

Taking the role as Director of Data Science at Wilderness Reboot™️, Fri brings a lot to the team with his experience as a data scientist for the Philadelphia 76ers, the NBA, the MLB, and Devoted Health. After graduating in 2018 from Harvard with a degree in economics and psychology, he worked for a year as a wilderness therapy guide in Costa Rica and has been passionate about finding his niche in the world of mental health ever since. Upon returning the to the US, Fri has done research and helped teach classes on psychology and incentive structures back at Harvard, coached at a transition program in Boston, and worked as a data science consultant for Beth Israel’s telepsychiatry program. Fri is very excited to get to contribute his unique skill set to ensure that all of our decisions are data driven.

Jack Sweeny, Transition Coach - Wilderness Reboot™
Jack Sweeny, Culture & Development Director, B.A Outdoor Recreation Leadership, Wilderness Transition Coach

Jack simply put is an outdoor lover who is passionate about connecting wilderness experiences with daily life. He has a in Outdoor Recreation Leadership from Colorado Mountain College and has experience working in multiple facets of the outdoor industry. His primary focus has been leading different types of young adult and teen programs in the backcountry. Jack has lead wilderness therapy groups, conservation crews, outdoor education groups, and rafting trips to name a few. He has even been lucky enough to have been a participant in outdoor programs like NOLS and Outward Bound when he was teen and young adult. One thing he has always seen from his time as both a participant and a leader in outdoor expeditions, is the need for support while transitioning back home. Jack believes that this is especially true for people coming out of wilderness therapy programs.

"It is very challenging staying away from negative influences and continuing with healthy habits when you no longer have a community to hold you accountable."

Jack's goal is to provide students with support in all areas of their transition out of wilderness, from having someone who has been though a similar experience and is able relate to the challenges in addition to providing advice the same way their guide would - to a community supporting, encouraging, and checking in on each other like any great group culture."

Jack can be found traveling off in his Sprinter van to the next fun adventure either rafting, hiking or his most recent favorite: River Boarding.


Rubio Carmona - Wilderness Reboot™
Rubio Carmona, Field Director, B.A Economics & B.A. Business, MA in Outdoor Guiding

Coming from Spain, Rubio has been into the outdoors since he remembers. With about as many field days as a mountain lion, Rubio first started his outdoor pursuits with mountain biking and later developed his skills into mountaineering. Continuing the journey, Rubio eventually found himself getting into kayaking, scuba diving, skydiving and even BASE jumping. At some point he decided to turn his passion into a career, becoming a guide and instructor in many adventure sports. He has also been twice in the military doing several functions, including being a member of the Air Special Forces. Rubio also founded Geiranger Kayak center - one of the largest kayaking outfitters in Western Norway. He currently lives in Norway, but travels around the world working as an Outdoor Guide, Windtunnel Instructor Trainer and Skydiving Instructor.

Rubio specializes in Trip Development, Safety Procedures and Quality Control for Reboot Academy’s - “Reboot Experiences”.

With his vast knowledge of adventure programming in Europe and Internationally, Rubio helps give Wilderness Reboot and extra edge by delivering world-class, high-quality itineraries. His wide experience in the field ensures site-management and good results by meeting the highest standards.

Christian Snuffer, Wilderness Therapist - Wilderness Reboot™

Christian Snuffer, Wilderness Therapist, B.A Psychology, LMHC, EMDR trained 


Christian is an outdoor enthusiast and therapist living in Salt Lake City, UT. Christian started working in wilderness therapy nearly eight years ago at Pacific Quest in Hawaii. After three years in Hawaii, he decided to pursue a new adventure in southeast Alaska. Christian was hired at Alaska Crossings based in Wrangell, Alaska, and guided wilderness expeditions for five years. Christian has over 1000 days in the field as a wilderness therapy guide and is intimately familiar with the wilderness therapy experience. Additionally, Christian has worked at Youth Care, a residential treatment center for adolescents in Draper, UT.  

After wilderness, Christian attended Prescott College. He got his master's degree in clinical mental health counseling specializing in adventure therapy; today, Christian works full-time as a therapist in private practice. He specializes in developmental and attachment trauma and assists families and individuals transitioning from residential programs. Christian also contracts with Evoke Therapy Programs assisting with parent alumni groups and therapeutic intensives.  

Christian brings a wealth of knowledge to Wilderness Reboot and rounds out our team of Transition Coaches with trauma-informed, therapeutic services.

Enrique - Wilderness Reboot™

Enrique Parrales Community and Quality Advisor


Enrique is an outdoor enthusiast with over 10 years of experience working in outdoor adventure and 20 years in outdoor commercial recreation and rural tourism. After spending several years in residential, wilderness, and adventure therapy programs, he has a strong understanding of how being pushed out of your comfort zone both physically and mentally can help create a positive mindset and give people the life skills needed to support mental health and self-belief to overcome any challenges in their own lives.

Enrique worked in various roles for The Outward Bound School, Introspections and as the Program Director at Pure Life Adventure by the Aspiro Group in Costa Rica. Applying their methodologies and best practices provided him with extensive knowledge, skills, and understanding of why these methods and living experiences genuinely work in addition to the positive impact it has on every individual and community involvement.

Nonetheless, by working with these organizations and by connecting with reputable professionals in a wider large community of residential, transitional, outdoor recreation, and wilderness adventure programs in the USA, and most recently working directly involved in the healthcare sector supporting individuals struggling with alcohol and substance misuse throughout accessing drug and alcohol services in the UK continues to provide him with a wider spectrum of the importance of intentional risk management that goes into these programs and organizations. Enrique ensures Wilderness Reboot is keeping within the best practices in the industry and overall government entities that ensure these individuals are provided with an ongoing accessible and inclusive emotional and physically supportive environment.

Enrique is proud to be a part of different programs/organizations that positively impact people and create life-changing experiences and lasting change. He is in love with the rivers, waterfalls, ocean, and mountains, and seeing the positive impact that those surroundings have on his own life and the lives of others, as it is a constant reminder of how fortunate we are by spending mindful time and interaction in symbiosis with nature and the larger community.

Enrique believes with the burdens of society's expectations these days, and the need to connect and belong to a wider community, that the Wilderness Reboot provides a unique opportunity to learn how to stay connected in a healthy manner and to push ourselves in harmony and balance with the world, society, nature, and throughout the advantages of technology and its platform and professionals involved in real-life interactions, constantly learning from one another experiences, knowledge, advice, and aspirations to succeed and thrive in our lives, society, and wider communities worldwide.

"Let's all Reboot and Pura Vida!" - Enrique

Mark Adamski - Founder, Wilderness Reboot™
Mark Adamski, Founder, OLP Graduate, B.A Adventure Education, Candidate for LMHC

Marks passion for working in the outdoors started after high school. Enrolling in the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College in Western Massachusetts, Mark fell in love with the variety the outdoor industry had to offer. Becoming certified in 12 internationally recognized disciplines and medical/safety trainings ranging from ACA, ACCT, PCIA, AIARE, LNT, PADI, WMA - Mark chased his love of paddling and set sail for the arctic waters of Norway in the small village of Geirangerfjord. There, he spent the next 5 summers developing and managing a kayak outfitter that hosted people from all over the world - giving him a deep appreciation for people and culture.

Throughout that journey at a young age, Mark decided to make it his life endeavor by finishing school to receive a BA in Adventure Education. Soon after, Mark  left commercial guiding to pursue purpose-driven work in Outdoor Behavioral Health. Working for multiple programs from Hawaii to Costa Rica - Mark later went into transition coaching for students leaving Wilderness Therapy Programs while finishing graduate school for mental health counseling.

Along that journey he discovered that most of his students had no community when transitioning back home. Naturally, evolved the idea for a transitional support community, helping students transition back home to give them a tribe that speaks the same language, relates to the same unique experiences and ultimately helps them fully “Reboot” from Wilderness programs.

When Mark isn’t traveling, he can be found paddling on the Deerfield river, speaking Spanish, doing handstands and enjoying Italian dinners with his Nonna and family.

Wilderness Reboot™ Support Community

Wilderness Reboot Community - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Therapy Aftercare - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Reboot Community - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Reboot™
After Wilderness Therapy Program - Wilderness Reboot™

 Wilderness Transition Course

That will teach each student how to form good habits, improve mindset belief systems and communication to help having a more effective time TRANSITIONING TO THE NEXT PATH IN LIFE!🍃

Wilderness Therapy Aftercare Programs - Wilderness Reboot™
Wilderness Therapy Transition - Wilderness Reboot™

 Wilderness Alumni Group Calls 💻📞📱

 & Q&A Calls

 To Help Transition Back Home


Parent Coaching - Wilderness Reboot™

Parent Coaching with Beth

Our dedicated parent coach Beth, takes parents on weekly group coaching calls, teaching tools and skills every parent should be equipped with. Ultimately, she helps parents learn how to better communicate with their child so that they can develop a meaningful relationship that they long for. 

Beth additionally offers access to her 24-Week Program for parents who want to up their game!

Parent Support Access - Wilderness Reboot™
Parent Support Access

Parents get login credentials to gain access to our exclusive partners platform - “Other Parents Like Me” - a membership site that gives parents support knowing that they are not alone in the child's recovery journey.

Additional resources include educational materials, book and a directory of reputable providers in the industry.

Why choose Wilderness Reboot?



Our mission is to help the same emotionally and financially exhausted families who are committed to their loved ones recovery after Wilderness Therapy Programs by giving them affordable support.

We also want to give back to the same families through a donation from each membership purchase to our non-profit affiliates to help lighten the financial burden that Wilderness Programs, Residential Transition Programs or Therapeutic Boarding Schools can cost. 

 If this resonates with you, please consider supporting a worthy cause and a purpose-driven mission.


Thank You

Transitional Support Community for Wilderness Alumni Students - Wilderness Reboot™

Partnerships available to Wilderness & Transitional Programs. Ask us about our Reboot Scholarships to showcase your help in giving low-income families access.

Transitional Support Community for Wilderness Alumni Students - Wilderness Reboot™

Donations will be made to Sky’s the Limit Fund Non-Profit, to help low-income families gain access to Outdoor Behavioral Health Programs.

If you feel aligned with our company mission, please consider partnering with us to help create more access, inclusion, diversity and equity within the outdoor behavioral health space.


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