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Legacy Outdoor Adventures | Co-Founder Derek Daley | Wilderness Talks | What is Wilderness Therapy?

derek daley juniper recovery for women legacy outdoor adventures loa fund Dec 10, 2022

Derek is a co-founder of Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women. Originally from Utah, he is a seasoned professional in the field with decades of experience working in the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare industry. Since 2001 Derek has been living a “Wilderness therapy dream”, with notable contributions to programs such as Redcliff Ascent, Aspen Achievement Academy and Open Sky. Derek is currently serving on the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council.

Derek was the recipient of the 2017 Utah Community Service award for his nonprofit work. He is a strong advocate for promotion through prevention, and has presented nationally at Universities and conferences in an effort to raise awareness and address the root causes of abuse and trauma.

He is a passionate advocate of Wilderness Therapy, committed to the goal of advancing effective wilderness and residential treatment to more diverse demographics. Derek is a promoter of positive culture and giving back to the community.

On the weekend he and his family take advantage of all Utah has to offer. He is learning to ski with his son and daughter, negotiating the dubious hot chocolate to ski-run ratio.

Derek asks the question: Why are we still doing therapy on the couch? #rxoffthecouch β›Ί


Wilderness Reboot™ is a transitional support community for wilderness therapy alumni students who are looking for an additional resource while continuing in transitional programs, therapeutic boarding schools or simply just want to reconnect and have community when finishing their wilderness therapy experience.

Wilderness Reboot™ was created collaboratively by wilderness guides, students, therapists and other industry professionals. In our community we speak about the lessons learned on the trail, with the same lingo that only folks who have done wilderness could relate to. Transitioning after Wilderness Therapy can be difficult and not everyone understands your journey.

That's why we want to give you that same community, from people who get it. Because everyone deserves to have community.... Everyone.

Get access to support groups, guest speakers and alumni trips worldwide. For those needing more transitional support from Wilderness, we provide 1-1 aftercare transitional coaching services, online courses, educational resources and much more...

Do you miss your journal after transitioning from wilderness? Don't worry, we got you covered! We created a wilderness therapy journal with prompts, wilderness quotes and a 3 month planner to help you keep the momentum after transitioning back from wilderness. πŸ’ͺ

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