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First Light Wilderness | Executive Director Jeff Holloway

first light wilderness | executive director jeff holloway Oct 14, 2022

At First Light Wilderness Therapy, our goal for every student is to achieve meaningful change by creating an environment of adventure where joy is re-discovered and nurtured, where adventure leads to self-discovery, and where relationships heal and grow. Set in the serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia, our field area is nestled in the temperate and beautiful Chattahoochee and Oconee National Forests--an ideal setting for our evidence-based outdoor behavioral healthcare.

As a fully nomadic wilderness treatment program for youth ages 12-18, First Light supports the building of a foundation for healthy living that is sustainable for both a young person and their family/ caregivers through our intentionally designed, trauma-responsive and structured programming. We focus on getting to the root of the issues that are underlying problematic, risky and self-defeating behaviors; on healing underlying trauma, and on creating a roadmap to a healthier future.

A critical component of treatment at First Light is the parallel therapeutic process for parents/caregivers, who engage in self-exploration, healing, and growth alongside and with their child. Our program challenges and empowers parents with the tools to better understand unhealthy family dynamics, develop more effective and impactful parenting skills, and continue progress after transition in order to create meaningful and sustainable change. With a treatment model rooted in neurobiology and relational immersion, First Light is committed to creating joy and healing generations.

Conditions We Treat: Depression ADD / ADHD Social Isolation Anxiety Mood Regulation Family Conflict Bullying Other Mental Health Issues

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Wilderness Reboot™ is a transitional support community for wilderness alumni students who are looking for an additional resource while continuing in transitional programs, therapeutic boarding schools or simply just want to reconnect and have community when finishing their wilderness therapy experience.

Wilderness Reboot™ was created collaboratively by wilderness guides, students, therapists and other industry professionals. In our community we speak about the lessons learned on the trail, with the same lingo that only folks who have done wilderness could relate to. Get access to support groups, guest speakers and alumni trips worldwide.

For those needing more transitional support from Wilderness, we provide 1-1 transitional coaching services, online courses, educational resources and much more...

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