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Beacon Transitions: Independent Living Program

Oct 11, 2022

Located 15 minutes south of Asheville, North Carolina, Beacon Transitions is an independently owned and operated residential facility that specializes in working with young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)- 1, or "High-Functioning Autism", and other learning disabilities, striving to live a life of complete independence. All of our residents have come to us with emerging skills in all areas of independence but need coaching and guidance from a support system that can help them become fully engaged.

Beacon is intended to be the last residential program our clients attend. Through fully assimilating LifeTutors of Asheville into our program, Beacon is able to ensure our clients can transition from assessment and intervention programs like Wilderness Therapy and inpatient hospitalizations to living entirely independently, often within 12 months. We qualify results by creating a vision for success with each resident upon intake and helping them determine which path they take to get there, generally either Educational or Vocational.

Our residents all attend either community college, a four-year university, or trade school during their time at Beacon. Upon exit, they are either gainfully employed, or pursuing a degree with all of the supports needed to be successful in achieving their goals.

Beacon's model works best with the following Client profiles: * Primary Diagnosis of Autism Level One * ADHD * Non-Verbal Learning Disability * Executive Functioning Deficits * Dyslexia and Dysgraphia * Depression * Anxiety Transitional Living » Social Skills/Life Skills/LD/ASD | Residential Treatment » Failure to Launch/Emerging Adulthood | Transitional Living » Supportive College Environment โ€‹@Beacon Transitions  

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Wilderness Reboot™ is a transitional support community for wilderness alumni students who are looking for an additional resource while continuing in transitional programs, therapeutic boarding schools or simply just want to reconnect and have community when finishing their wilderness therapy experience.

Wilderness Reboot™ was created collaboratively by wilderness guides, students, therapists and other industry professionals. In our community we speak about the lessons learned on the trail, with the same lingo that only folks who have done wilderness would relate to.

Wilderness Reboot™ is a great resource for wilderness therapy aftercare for transitioning students of Wilderness Therapy Programs. We offer free transitional support community access and Wilderness Therapy Courses, Educational Resources, Journals, 1-1 Wilderness Coaching Support and Alumni Trips. 

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